Google UAE, and the UAE government share a mutual goal of creating a local knowledge economy, building the digital skills required to access new job opportunities in the technology sector, and supporting the development of mobile applications relevant to local lifestyle and culture. The hub has been designed to engage with people of varying levels of skill and confidence and features a program of activities that challenge participants of all ability levels, allowing them to progress at rates that suit them.

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The Innovation Hub is a collaborative community centre built with the goal to develop a robust and innovative community, passionate about growing the UAE’s technology and talent pipeline.

The Hub equips youth in the UAE with the skills needed to develop mobile applications, design products, produce prototypes, and develop an understanding of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

In addition, the hub runs a program of Tech Talks, featuring technology experts, practitioners and entrepreneurs. The Hub welcomes learners from diverse backgrounds, including teachers, school age children (from age 8 upwards), university/vocational students and members of the community interested in developing their understanding of the latest technologies.


Our ambitious vision of the future sees all young men and women as active contributors to the social and economic well-being of the societies in which they live. However, too often, formal education systems are unable to keep pace with the accelerating rate of change, particularly in technical fields.

We aim to reinforce the technological education of Emiratis at school and within the community, developing their skills to become the driving force of a diverse economy based on innovation and technology. We encourage an entrepreneurial culture in schools and universities, giving the students the tools and space to develop creativity, show leadership skills, take responsibility and drive ambition.


Google, Al Bayt Mitwahid, Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge, United Arab Emirates University, and Edinburgh International Science Festival have created a partnership to establish the ‘Innovation Hub’ – an education facility based on the UAE University’s Science and Innovation campus in Al Ain, that will run regular workshops and lessons focused on Android app development, Machine Learning Courses and ‘Maker Space’ courses, offering students a first experience of technologies.

Jul 10, 2019